Open that eye up wide bitch, there's a big load coming in! Jamie was glad to accept the jizz all over her face, but little did she know she was gonna get some man glue in the eye! Come on Jamie, it's just a little saline solution for your eyes!

This hot twosome had a bit more in mind when they were told they were going to get an "eye creampie". They believed that they were going to just get their face drenched and some jizz might splash in their eyes. Little did they know they were in for a goo-fest right in the eyes!

Choke down that huge black cock, ya little cunt. Cuz you know when it's all said and done, you're gonna get some black man chowder right in those beautiful green eyes! Hold still and take it like the little whore that you are!

It's hot to see Jasmine sucking a hard cock and looking straight up at ya cuz you know in the end those eyes are gonna get filled up with a big wad of spunk! She took that eye cream like a little pro and didn't blink for a minute!

Donna has a fetish for giving head. She says it turns her on to please a man by letting him fuck her mouth. But she also admitted she's never had cum in her eyes before! Open them up baby, this warm splooge is gonna fill up your eye sockets!

What a great little cocksucker! She can take that meat deep down her throat and suck as if her last breath depended on it, but when it came time for the cum in the eye, the bitch flaked out! Come on Julie, open up those eyes wider, you can do better than that!

What gorgeous green eyes you have, baby. Mind if I cum inside them? Aww it won't hurt, just open those eyes and stare right at the tip of my dick. Pretty soon some white juice will come out and then it's all over! Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

Goth babe, Rachel was used to some pretty kinky shit. So she was all excited about trying the eye creampie. Her devilish eyes were just begging for cum inside of them! So not to disappoint, she got her wish and took a huge load of man juice in her retina.


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